Hotel Unio

Address: H-1077 Budapest, Dob utca 73.    Email:    Phone: +36/1 479 0400, +36/1 479 0402    Fax: +36/1 479 0401

Unio Gallery

 The UNIO GALLERY is 12 years old!


UnioGaleriaLogo_2007Welcome to the twelve-year-old gallery of whose founder is Dávid A. Putnoki, gallery and art director.

For four years before the foundation of the gallery, Mr Putnoki had been the presenter of a “Contemporary Gallery” portrait show on Channel ATV, which introduced artists. Notwithstanding his work as an actor, performer, editor and presenter, Mr Putnoki did a valuer course during his years of directing the gallery.

Our exhibitions are varied monthly by professional artists, who are often welcomed as our guests in the hotel. The directors of the gallery have always given special attention to introduce entrant and self-taught artists.


You can visit our exhibitions in three rooms:

1. CHAMBER ROOM /Banquet Hall/

Every month, the three exhibition rooms represent three artists of different styles. /Expressionism, impressionism, plein air painting, realism, naturalism, constructivism, avant-garde, abstract, cubism, naive art, surrealism/

There have been occasions when the works of only one artist could be seen in every exhibition room. There are many Kossuth and Munkácsy prize-winning artists among our exhibitors and illustrious Art historians have opened our galleries.


Monday – Sunday: 10:00 – 18:00

If you intend to visit the Gallery Hall or the Chamber Hall, we kindly ask you to call the reception (06-1) 479-0400 – to make an appointment as other programmes might take place.

Providing that you would like to attract you home, office or institutions with works of professional artists, you can buy the paintings at our Gallery at a reasonable price. Please call the director of the Gallery: (06-70) 362-9390 If you are a visitor, you can ask our receptionists as well.

If you are an artist and you would like to exhibit in our Gallery, please call the director only! (06-70)-362-9390

Come and see our Exhibitions!